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Fowler-Burr Architects, established by Raymond John Fowler and Priscilla Alden Burr in Miami in 1986, focuses on South Florida vernacular architecture, working in stylistic variations including: Tropical, Mediterranean, Modern, Art Deco, Classical, Craftsman, Dog-Trot, Dade County Pioneer, Historic Key West, and Island. With a subspecialty in wood-frame structures, they have not only designed new wood structures in compliance with the strict Miami-Dade hurricane provisions, but also have conducted sensitive and accurate historic preservations of pioneer wood-frame structures.

"Vernacular architecture is a term used to categorize methods of construction which use locally available resources and traditions to address local needs and circumstances. Vernacular architecture tends to evolve over time to reflect the environmental, cultural and historical context in which it exists."

With their long-time focus on creating buildings responding to the unique tropical environment of South Florida, they were green before there was Green. Trained at the University of Miami, the focus of their thesis work was tropical architecture and the environment. Project locations include Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Miami, MIami Beach, Fisher Island, Pinecrest, Key West, Redland, Orcas Island, WA, Upstate New York, and Colorado.

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